ATR444 programmable by NFC

The ATR444 controller in 48×96 (1/8DIN) format incorporates all the features of the Pixsys Blue Line controller range.

The large alphanumeric display provides optimal visibility and clarity in all industrial environments, not only for process and alarm variables, but also for scrolling status and event text messages as well as online help messages.

The availability of an extended 8-key keypad allows dedicated function keys to be configured, making repetitive operations or functions that would be more time consuming and complex for the operator directly accessible from the front.

Programming mode from a smartphone with MyPixsys App uses NFC technology, without the need for cabling and without the aid of dedicated hardware, which also translates into a useful tool for remote assistance for the possibility of sharing configuration files through common messaging applications.

Two universal analogue inputs with the ability to define mathematical operations, a wide combination of digital and analogue outputs, open-close functionality for motorised valves, multiple alarm and diagnostic modes, timer functions: the most comprehensive models in the ATR444 series support advanced applications that traditionally might require programmable logic.

The PID control can manage up to two control loops, in hot-cold mode and with a flexible and dynamic algorithm optimised also for fast processes or those requiring particular precision.

All versions include programmer mode to manage a 12-segment cycle/profile.